Odessa is alive with creativity!

Kyiv and Lviv are not the only places to explore culture and arts in Ukraine.

Odesa is a great destination in Ukraine for arts, culture, and entertainment, with plenty of big and small museums dedicated to arts, and a vibrant local art scene and even its own art movement known as Odesa Conceptualism.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoOMA) lives in a two-story building on Bielinski Street and is the home of Artery's "Space for Creative Initiatives, regularly featuring cutting art exhibitions of Odessa's most talented young artists.

Founded back in April of 2008, it took some time to settle on its current location, where it hosts an impressive permanent exhibit alongside rotating projects. In the permanent collection, you can check out the most outstanding artwork of Oddesite artists over the past century, including the aforementioned Odesa Conceptualists movement.

But while relatively new (being just a decade old), its not the only art hub in town, there are several world-class art museums around the city for you to discover, like the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art and the legendary Odessa Philharmonic Hall where world-class musicians perform all the classics, just to name a couple

But its when you get out on the streets you can see why art education is such a big part of the Odessa school curriculum, as Odessa is a city alive with creativity, from fashion, to theatre to graffiti and street art.

In this section we aim to share with you just some of the creativity that makes Odessa the "Pearl of the Black Sea".

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