Distances between Odessa and Other Ukrainian Cities

Below you'll find a listing of intercity distances, as the crow flies, (your milage may vary).

But if you're like most travellers within Ukraine, you're not a crow, and you won't be flying, no, you'll be driving. And if you are driving, be sure to check out some of the road conditions that you'll typically find in in Ukraine the video below.

in kilometers

Cherkasy (Cherkassy) 453
Chernihiv (Chernigov) 634
Chernivts (Chernovtsy) 515
Dnipropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk) 463
Donetsk ( Donetsk) 713
Ivano-Frankivsk (Ivano- Frankovsk) 658
Kharkiv (Kharkov) 685
Kherson ( Kherson) 205
Khmelnytskyi (Khmelnitsky) 559
Kyiv (Kiev) 480
Kirovohrad (Kirovograd) 337
Luhansk (Lugansk) 864
Lutsk (Lutsk) 816
Lviv (Lvov) 793
Mikolaiv (Nikolayev) 134
Poltava ( Poltava) 596
Rivne (Rovno) 742
Simferopol (Simferopol) 473
Sumy (Sumy) 779
Ternopil (Ternopol) 676
Uzhorod (Uzhorod) 959
Vinnytsia (Vinnitsa) 429
Zaporizhzhia (Zaporozhye) 486
Zhytomyr (Zhitomir) 555

The names of the cities are given in transliterated Ukrainian, with the Russian version in parentheses.

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